Services Provided to Registered Pedigree Cat Breeders and Exhibitors

Benefits of being a Registered Breeder.

Registration of a Cattery Prefix will allow you to register the parents and their kittens in an internationally acceptable format. Certified Pedigree's are available which ensures the accuracy of the cats parentage. This also gives the public some security that they are purchasing from a breeder who has official records of their cats and is required to uphold a Code of Ethics to protect the welfare of the cats in their care. 

Information on Registration

All breeders are required to become a member of an association in the State they reside in. This is a joint rule set by ACF as well as CCCA and is essential for anyone wishing to exhibit.  If you choose to register with FCCQ Inc go to the Forms page on this site, here you will find all the forms required.

Guide to setting up a Prefix.

Registration forms are available on this site. Or you may prefer to contact our Registrar / Membership Officer, by phone or email as a form can be posted to you. To apply for a Prefix you will need to think of at least five options. All applications are sent to a central Prefix Approval office to ensure the name is not in use anywhere else in Australia. Your Prefix must be renewed each year or it will lapse and after sufficient time has past may become available for use by another owner.

Multiple Prefix Guide.

It is possible to register more than one prefix if you wish. You will need to apply separately for each one. It is possible for a husband and wife for example, to have a Prefix of their own in the same household. Or you may have different breeds and wish to have a Prefix for each. 

Our Affiliated Clubs.

A list of our Affiliated Clubs are available on this site, along with an email contact and in some cases, a web site for further information. Our clubs hold annual Championship Cat Shows and also provide a delegate to attend the FCCQ Inc meetings.

Rules for Members.

Our breeders are required to uphold our Code of Ethics which is available on this site.

FCCQ Inc Responsibilities.

Our aim is to promote responsible breeding and ownership including the desexing of cats sold as pets and control of feral and stray cats.
We also support those people actively involved in rescue work. As a Governing Body, FCCQ Inc. offers its Clubs and breeders advice, guidance and support when possible.
We hold regular monthly meetings where Delegates from each member Club are represented and general business regarding the Cat Fancy is discussed and deliberated.
Affiliated Clubs of FCQ Inc. run regular cat shows and are active in promoting and displaying cat breeds to educate and inform the general public.
The FCCQ Inc. has a fully computerized system of record keeping and can therefore offer breeders fast and accurate services of the highest possible quality.

Breeding Guidelines.

FCCQ Inc allows a breeder to have up to 3 different breeds. However related breeds e.g.; Somali and Abyssinian are considered one type of breed.

Experimental Register.

If you wish to cross two (or more) unrelated Breeds you are required to apply for an Experimental License first. You will be required to adhere to the guildlines set out by FCCQ if your request is granted.

Kitten Registration.

Registering kittens not only gives the Cat Fancy accurate information on all breeds, it can help track owners of lost pets. It also prevents accidental inbreeding of Pedigree Cats. Kittens also need to be registered if you or the new owners wish to participate in shows.

Breed Information.

For information on your breed it is a good idea to look on the internet as much information is now available. You should also visit a cat show and speak to the breeders present as they will be able to answer your questions. They will also have a lot of personal information about their breed which is often not available in books.

Registered Breeder Transfer.

You are welcome to join FCCQ Inc if you are already a member of another Association and wish to transfer. Please complete the Breeders Registration Form C and forward it to the address shown on the bottom of the form.

Cost of our Services

Our rates for membership and for registering cats and kittens are listed on our page for Forms & Charges. They are kept as low as possible and all our officers act in an honorary capacity.




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