Cat of the Year 2021

Cat of the Year 2021 scoring awards points as follows 1st=100 points, 2nd=75 points, 3rd=50 points

PLEASE NOTE: If an exhibitor notices any discrepancy between the points listed and those awarded to their exhibit, please email the Secretary so the count can be investigated and altered if required.

This system will also be used for Prefix of the year.

Cat/Kitten of the Year - In the event of a tie, the exhibit with the greatest number of BIS awards will be awarded the COY title.

Points are for shows up to 11 July 2021

Longhair Kittens
Rapscallion Mikey Maine Coon R Johnston Qualified 500
Tipasheena Freeman Ragdoll J Clarke Qualified 350
Taiga Briar Siberian B Gallagher Qualified 350
Crownjems Bennitoyte Persian J Comrie Qualified 300
Shakandah Romance Birman D McLaughlin 225
Tipasheena Dressed For Success Ragdoll J Clarke 225
Longhair Entire Cats
Waggy The Patriarch Ragdoll M Waghorn Qualified 525
Glevum Constantine Exotic Shorthair M Cooper Qualified 375
Prideshill Juno Siberian B Gallagher Qualified 475
Wroxton Phantom Ragdoll J Clarke Qualified 300
Tipasheena Freeman Ragdoll J Clark 275
Rapscallion Mikey Maine Coon R Johnston 250
Longhair Desexed Cats
Hoshiko Mister Spock Birman K Fallon Qualified 950
Xoxo Kismet Kisses Ragdoll K Petri Qualified 675
Fidelis Fire N Ice Maine Coon T Lamb Qualified 425
Shakandah Sienna Rose Birman T Erridge Qualified 400
Softnsweet Chevy Ragdoll S Shoring Qualified 350
Brincat Celestial Angel Birman L Debrincat 225
Shorthair Kittens
Manis Just Pandemonium Sphynx S Henriksen & R McGregor Qualified 625
Olivegrove Blu Ocean British Shorthair J Dennington Qualified 400
Cairocats Andreas Sparkle Abyssinian J Cook Qualified 375
Osiris (V) Lady Guinevre Abyssinian C Mangin 225
Belshogar Dancing With The Stars Burmese M Thistlewaite 200
Shorthair Entire Cats
Bevington Windsor Blue British Shorthair C Tricarico Qualified 700
Bahati Hidden Treasure Mandalay C Dyett Qualified 675
Bahati When Doves Cry Burmilla C Dyett Qualified 600
Cairocats Keto Abyssinian J Cook Need 1 BIS 400
Ancroft Chase The Ace British Shorthair K Walls 200
Belshogar Sprinkled With Stardust Burmese M Thistlewaite 200
Shorthair Desexed Cats
Kimara Blu Shimma Kinda Special Russian J Christison Qualified 775  
Ambritt Smarty Marty British Shorthair B Harbour Qualified 650  
Enve Hez Zulu Gold Bengal R Wellington & T Barrett Qualified 575  
Cairocats Tango In The Dark Abyssinian G & M Clignett 325  
Birchfield Kingsman British Shorthair J Gablonski   200  
Akila Dark Sun Abyssinian G & M Clignett 150  
Casper T Erridge Qualified 700
Pedro S Martini Qualified 575
Snugglepuss T Bickerton Qualified 400
Chessie Peake A Kathage Qualified 350