Cat of the Year 2022

Cat of the Year 2022 scoring awards points as follows 1st=100 points, 2nd=75 points, 3rd=50 points

PLEASE NOTE: If an exhibitor notices any discrepancy between the points listed and those awarded to their exhibit, please email the Secretary so the count can be investigated and altered if required.

This system will also be used for Prefix of the year.

Cat/Kitten of the Year - In the event of a tie, the exhibit with the greatest number of BIS awards will be awarded the COY title.

Points are for shows up to July 2022

Longhair Kittens    
Supercoons ChessMaine CoonE BrittonQualified441
Tipasheena Million Dollar BabyRagdollJ & R ClarkeQualified414
Chaynikoty the JokerSiberianP KettleQualified374
Prideshill Diablo ChilliSiberianB Gallagher 240
Grathbrae Hans N HeartRagdollK Mackie 231
Tipasheena Try To Be GoodRagdollJ & R Clarke 223
Longhair Entire Cats    
Karahaven Blue BotticelliPersianD & T MorrisonQualified759
Chainoponds WolfePersianJ ComrieQualified346
Miakoschka KazzimirSiberianM Mahoney 273
Tipasheena Chiaki NanamiRagdollJ & R Clarke 261
Kiwimagic Two Worlds CollideRagdollC McGrath 202
Longhair Desexed Cats    
Shakandah Sienna RoseBirmanP ErridgeQualified485
Hoshiko Mister SpockBirmanK FallonQualified413
LTrend MemoryMaine CoonM SmithQualified409
Fidelis Drops Of JupiterMaine CoonT CrockerQualified350
Miakoschka Feliks EdgleySiberianR EdgleyQualified303
Shorthair Kittens    
Osiris(V) Ooh La LaAbyssinianM & S ShawnQualified644
Manis Just Pure MiracleSphynxS Henriksen & R McGregorQualified466
Swift FlashdanceAbyssinianG & M ClignettNeed 1 BIS336
Bahati Maison De NoirMandalayC DyettQualified331
Shorthair Entire Cats    
Bahati Hidden TreasureMandalayC DyettQualified665
Belshogar Argyle DiamondBurmeseM ThistlewaiteQualified467
Catempire Lord MarmadukeBengalC PrussNeed 1 BIS380
Carinya Whispering JackBritish ShorthairJ GablonskiQualified344
Shorthair Desexed Cats    
Osiris (V) Cali Fawnia DreaminAbyssinianL FieldQualified599
Frascott Roll The DiceAmerican ShorthairC PrykeQualified443
Uki AshaRussianP VenessNeed 1 BIS420
Deneden Heidi RoseBurmeseD GilbertNeed 1 BIS310
Cairocats Tango In The DarkAbyssinianG & M Clignett 214
Casper T ErridgeQualified706
Hippity Hop Dew Drop E BrittonQualified510
Pickles S MartiniQualified390
Lord Grimble M PrykeQualified300
Koo Effie N ThorntonNeed 1 BIS225