Registrars Information

When sending forms, make sure they are up to date. All forms are listed on the FCCQ Inc. website. Paperwork will not be processed on old forms.

Forms must be completed in full, otherwise they will be returned.

All kittens must be registered within 9 months whether they are sold as pets or kept for breeding.

All kittens and cats must be microchipped as per the Government Act; otherwise they will not be registered.

When transferring kittens/cats, the original pedigree should be sent so they can be registered in the new owner's name.

When applying for Higher Status upgrades, copies of challenge certificates from councils other than FCCQ Inc. must accompany the application form.

If transactions are paid via the net, a receipt should be sent to me for my records. On receipt of payment, the paperwork will then be sent.
Please ensure that when making a direct deposit say who it is from and what its for.
If you can't fit it all in, then please send an email with a breakup of the amounts paid using subject line FCCQ DEPOSIT TO ACCOUNT or similar so they can be found.

Please check the FCCQ Inc. website regularly for updates.


Note: The bank account details for direct banking has changed to
Bank of Queensland BSB 124057 Account number 22002154

$10.00 per litter plus
$5.00 each kitten (change as at February 2017)
(must be registered by 9 months of age)
Already registered with FCCQ $5.00
Not currently registered with FCCQ $10.00
  • Copy Pedigrees

4 Generations $5 for FCCQ pedigree's
$10 for other councils/and overseas councils

5 generations - $30 each
8 generations - $85 each

Additional Charge of $10 applies when a new pedigree is issued for mistakes made by the breeder or owner.

$45.00 Includes prefix and membership

$25.00 Membership Fee
$5.00 each Prefix
$20.00 Banner Advertising
Joining Fee (includes Prefix Application & Breeder's Registration Card) for new and transferred Prefixes $20.00
Annual Breeeder's Registration Fee to December 31st for all Prefixes $25.00


$10.00 Certificate & Registration
$10.00 Sash




No Charge

  • Transfer of Ownership of Cat/Kitten already registered with FCCQ (doc)
  • Transfer of Ownership of Cat/Kitten already registered with FCCQ (pdf)
  • Colour Reclassification



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