Best of Breed Progress 2019

Best of Breed Score 1 point for each Exhibit of Breed. To qualify for Best of Breed, the Exhibit must have accumulated nine (9) or more points at FCCQ Inc. shows in the year.

PLEASE NOTE: If an exhibitor notices any discrepancy between the points listed and those awarded to their exhibit, please email the Secretary so the count can be investigated and altered if required.

Points shown are up to Touch of Class 19 May 2019

Below are the exhibits that have qualified

Breed Name Exhibitor To Qualify Points
Birman Dazamelz Miss Sophistication L Debrincat Need 1 Show 27
Kucinta Prince Artemis J & J Sandercock Need 1 Show 26
Brincat Celestial Angel L Debrincat Need 1 Show 23
Shakandah Sienna Rose T Erridge Need 1 Show 19
Exotic Shorthair Glevum Henrietta M Cooper Need 1 Show 28
TNT Creme De Creme T Connell Need 2 Shows 16
Verdelho Amenadiel R Tait Need 2 Shows 10
Richmaure Black Orchid R Tait Need 2 Shows 9
Maine Coon Fidelis Odin R Gamble Qualified 31
Migatobonito Gianni Versace R Johnston Need 2 Shows 6
Norwegian Forest Cat Guysndolls Adrielle D Le-Strange Qualified 12
Persian Shawtop Pretty XC T Rushton Need 2 Shows 24
Fluffykins Blush M Holden Need 2 Shows 9
Twomor Harry Potter D & T Morrison Need 2 Shows 8
Ragdoll Wroxton Phantom J & R Clarke Need 1 Show 42
Softnsweet Aphrodite K Jonhstone Need 1 Show 40
Xoxo Kismet Kisses K Petri Need 2 Shows 18
Amjance Blue Orchid M Fardell Need 2 Shows 13
Ladeda Poklon Hugsnkisses E Britton Need 2 Shows 13
Tipasheena Jadzia Dax J & R Clarke Need 2 Shows 13
Siberian Prideshill Mirjoh Siri B Gallagher Need 2 Shows 15
Chaynikoty Girl On The Moon B Gallagher Qualified 10
Abyssinian Akila Kofi G & M Clignett Need 2 Shows 12
 Shayba Finesse J Caunce Need 2 Shows 12
Abysrok The Designated Survivor C Mangin Need 2 Shows 8
Osiris(V) New Beginnings L Field Need 2 Shows 8
Osiris(V) Oscar Wilde L Field Need 2 Shows 8
American Shorthair Richson American Ambassador To Oz J Coles & J Dennington Need 1 Show 10
Frascott Roll The Dice C Pryke Need 2 Shows 4
Bengal First Class Penny Of Catamount A Kilpatrick Qualified 17
Aussieposhpaws Alora's Prince Charming S & J Haskins Qualified 13
Benzots Balakirev B & S Campbell Need 2 Shows 10
British Shorthair Ambritt Smarty Marty B Harbour Need 1 Show 6
Birchfield Muir Of Ord J Gablonski 2
Burmese Belshogar Here Comes The Sun M Thistlewaite Need 2 Shows 16
Batice Alloha Moona L & N Macquire Need 1 Show 15
Lushei Goolagong B Ackerman Need 1 Show 15
Burmilla Bahati When Doves Cry C Dyett Need 1 Show 12
Bahati Imperial Jade D Marsh Qualified 9
Devon Rex Kyapark Pagans Hexed Flyer A Mann Need 2 Shows 10
Kyapark Cinn City Mirra A Mann Need 2 Shows 6
Kyapark Pagan Ido; Of Tez A Mann Need 2 Shows 6
Kyapark Pagans Flyer A Mann Need 2 Shows 6
Korat Ratchasima (Aust) Samart Jow Chy W Von Habsburg Need 2 Shows 4
Mandalay Bahati In The Purple C Dyett Qualified 14
Bahati Black Caviar C Dyett Need 1 Show 8
Oriental Hareem Chocolate N Honey E Gilbert Qualified 17
Russian Kimara Blu Shimma Kinda Special A & J Christison Need 1 Show 8
Scottish Fold Salvador Guillermo Del Toro J Coles & J Dennington  Qualified 12
Scottish Fold Longhair Salvador Angel's Gift J Coles & J Dennington  Need 1 Show 8
Selkirk Rex Frascott Panda Prank M Pryke Need 2 Shows 4
Selkirk Rex Longhair Killara What A Mess J Coles & J Dennington  Need 2 Shows 4
Siamese Serendippidee Treacle B Penglis Need 1 Show 17
Serendippidee Lladro Miss B Penglis Need 2 Shows 7
Hareem Tiger In The Jungle N Cox Need 2 Shows 4
Sphynx Im One In A Brazillon J Michael Need 2 Shows 12
Manis Make My Day S Henriksen & R McGregor Need 2 Shows 8
Tonkinese Aztec Cinna N Saint S Wise Need 2 Shows 6
Aztec Sun God Ra S Wise Need 2 Shows 2