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Article on Toxoplasmosis by Dr Isobel Johnstone
overview of the disease Toxoplasmosis by Dr Isobel Johnstone who has had a lifetime career as a Veterinary Scientist at The University of Queensland and is a former Director of UQs Companion Animal Clinic.

Cats, Carriers and Vets:
Tips on making it easier to get your cat to the vet or cat show

Busy Cats are Happy Cats
Cabin fever can be the bane of an indoor cat's existence, but it doesn't have to be that way.

Plants and Your Cat
An interesting article from CFA - Listed here are plants poisonous to cats that must be avoided if there are cats in your home. Please note there will be plants in Australia not listed here which are also poisinous

Don't Pick a Catfight
A cat can shred your arm in a second, and she won't hesitate if she thinks she's in danger. Because cat bites need to be taken seriously, there are a couple of rules every cat owner should always follow:

Purrfect Health
When you are reading about different cat breeds or checking the personality descriptions of cats at a shelter, you may come across some that are described as "doglike." And it's true that some cats, like dogs, will follow you around, play fetch or go for walks on leash. But if you want to take better care of your cat, the last thing you should be doing is treating him like a dog.

Feline Reproduction: Giving Birth to Kittens
Too often a litter of kittens comes as an almost total surprise. The cute little girl kitten from last fall is one day noticed to be a bit round in the middle only the very next spring. No one got around to spaying her and she seemed too young for er adult entertainment.

Caring for Kitty When Disaster Strikes
When disaster happens, whether it is a killer storm, fire, or severe illness, it is important to have plans in place for one's pets. First and most important, every pet needs a carrier of some sort. While pets may be so docile and outgoing that a trip to the vet is as simple as scooping him/her in your arms and heading for the car, this isn't going to happen in an emergency.

Fatal attraction (scroll down the page)
Cats and rodents are a classic predator/prey system, popularized in familiar cartoons and demonstrated every day by household cats around the world. Naturally, mice and rats have many defense strategies to avoid their mortal enemies, including an innate fear of the smell of cat urine. That is, until the animals become infected with a protozoan called Toxoplasma gondii. Then, rodents' deathly terror of cats turns into a fatal attraction.

Plan Ahead for Your Pets when you can no longer care for them
It's a sobering thought, but do you know who will take care of your pets if you should die or be so incapacitated that you can no longer care for them? Many people assume that family members will keep their pets, but shelter volunteers see numerous pets surrendered because of the owner's death. Whether your death turns out to be unexpected or not, planning for your pets' care can give you peace of mind.

Fountains and Wet Food Help Prevent Feline Urinary Problems
For a healthier cat, add water. No, not to the outside -- your cat will happily bathe himself -- but to the inside. Encouraging increased fluid intake is one of the best things you can do to keep your cat healthy, along with keeping him at the proper weight.
Combined, these two preventive-care strategies cost little and can save lots, by helping to prevent a common malady that can be a serious problem for cats and their owners -- feline lower urinary tract disease, or FLUTD.

Illness, Changes can Trigger Litter Box Issues
Failure to use a litter box is the top behavior complaint of cat lovers, sending countless cats to shelters every year. But that doesn't have to be the sad outcome, if you're willing to work on the problem.

New Handling Techniques Make Taking a Cat to the Vet Much Easier
In the past, I've been less nervous about air travel than I have been about my cats' veterinary appointments. And there's a reason for it: While I can and do manage my own levels of stress and annoyance when turning myself over to the air-travel system at the security checkpoint, controlling a cat's fear of the veterinary hospital has been for many years something I couldn't manage.

Early isolation impairs brain connections
Early isolation and neglect can produce lasting cognitive damage, ranging from severe emotional instability to mental retardation

The Cat Disease Most Humans Don't Get from Cats

Adding another Adult Cat Requires Preparation and Patience
If you're thinking of adopting another adult cat, there is never a bad time. Here's how to ease the strain on new cat, old cat -- and you.

Toys are Essential to Keeping your Cat Active and Happy
Inside every cat is a lion. Or a tiger. Or a lynx. Or, really, all of these great hunters. And in your cat's mind, he's a wild predator, too.

Veterinarian discovers new fungal species - VIN
A veterinarian in Australia has identified a previously unknown species of fungus that can infect cats, humans and dogs with life-threatening consequences.

Catch Cat Illness Early by Watching for your Pet's Clues
Cats are good at hiding signs of illness, and even better at hiding when they're ill. That's why we cat owners need to know our cats well, so we can notice the subtle changes that may mean something deadly is brewing.

10 Questions to Test your Feline Expertise
Cats seem so mysterious, but sometimes their mysteries aren't so hard to figure out. How well do you know cats? Check out these 10 fast questions, with the answers at the end. No fair letting your cat help!

Feeding Orphan Kittens Information of bottle feeding and care of orphan kittens

A Guide to Keeping Your Cat Healthy


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