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2024 Shows

Reminder that no kitten maybe entered in shows unless that have had at least one vaccination no less than two weeks prior to the show.

Feline Vaccinations

Follow the link to read the Australian Veterinary Association’s statement on the current Feline vaccination shortage HERE


Should you have a vet that does early desex, FCCQ would appreciate it if you could provide the vet details to the Secretary of FCCQ .




FCCQ Inc. was first established in 1965 and is the oldest cat council in Queensland. Listed elsewhere are the Clubs affiliated with FCCQ Inc., together with their contact email addresses.

Our shows are generally held every one to two months and are open for the public to come and meet the breeders and view all the different breeds of cats.

A Code of Ethics is issued to all new breeders to enable them to house and feed their cats properly, which is of assistance to all in the management and breeding of cats.

FCCQ Inc. Council meets regularly and consists of an executive plus delegates from each affiliated cat club. The delegates bring matters of concern from their respective clubs and these are discussed and action is taken if required.

Elections are held annually by secret ballot with all FCCQ Inc. financial members having the right to have their say by electing the office-bearers, with the exception of the Registrar who is appointed by the executive. Each club also casts a vote for the election of the executive positions.

The main objective of FCCQ Inc. is to promote responsible cat ownership for both family pets and the breeding of pedigreed cats.

FCCQ Inc. welcomes enquiries from breeders and members of the general public. Please refer to the contacts page for the ways to contact us.






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