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Exhibitors please note that changes have been made to the awards given out at this year's Cat of the Year awards. The changes are as follows.

  1. Best of Breed only awarded there will be NO reserve BOB awarded
  2. Prefix of the year - ONLY FCCQ breeders are eligible for this award
  3. FCCQ will now be awarding 1st, 2nd and 3rd Cat/Kitten/Alter of the year for both Longhair, Shorthair and Companions

COTY – January 19th 2019
12.00 noon
South Sports Club – Acacia Ridge

Your invitation.

FCCQ now has a Code of Ethics for Exhibitors as well as a Code of Ethics for Breeders, both can be downloaded from the link on the menu.

Neither ACF or CCCA recognise The Independent Cat Council (AICC) in any way. We do not accept their pedigrees and so FCCQ will not register cats or kittens from this organisation.

Ros Bird receiving her well deserved Life Membership with FCCQ.

There has been a change to the price of litter registrations which is now $10.00 per litter plus $5.00 per kitten.

The bank account details for direct banking to FCCQ council shows only is Bank of Queensland BSB 124057 Account number 22002154 - Please note that our clubs have different account numbers so please check the show schedule before making deposit.

Please ensure that when making a direct deposit say who it is from and what its for.
If you can't fit it all in, then please send an email to the treasurer at treasurerfccqinc@gmail.com with a breakup of the amounts paid using subject line FCCQ DEPOSIT TO ACCOUNT or similar so they can be found.

Supreme Exhibit of the Year 2017

Tellassee King Lear (NZ)
Breeder: R Copland Exhibitor: J Dennington

More photos of our winners and the Cat of the Year Lunch can be viewed here.