Erin Brown - FCCQ & ACF International All Breeds

Email: erin@pawsandwhiskers.com.au
Ph: 07 3208 5222
Mobile: 0407 116 588
Address: 98 Gilmore Road

Closest Airport - Brisbane

Erin was licensed to judge Group Two in 2001, Group Three in 2006, and completed Group One in 2008 to become an all-breeds cat judge. Erin is an international cat judge having judged in the USA for TICA, The Philippines, China, and New Zealand, as well as in most States of Australia. Erin enjoys judging and breeding both cats and dogs; she says "quality animals are my interest and passion".

Erin started exhibiting in the early sixties and registered the "Quanmarra: prefix in 1971 just prior to importing her foundation Salukis from the UK. She commenced breeding Siamese and Oriental Shorthairs with Penny Dunkley 12 years ago, again using the "Quanmarra" prefix. They have enjoyed showing several winning cats and have exported Oriental Shorthairs to the USA and to Europe, with those cats having some very prestigious wins, including All Breeds International Cat of the Year for TICA in 2000.

Erin believes that we all have a responsibility to put some effort back into the animal fancy, to make it a better hobby for everyone. When not at shows, Erin can be found at Paws and Whiskers, a "five-star" boarding complex, she owns in partnership with Penny Dunkley.

Marion Cooper

Marion Cooper - FCCQ Inc. & ACF Inc. International All Breeds

Email: glevumonline@gmail.com
Ph: 07 3411 1411
Mobile: 0401 085 533
Address: 8a MacGroarty Street
Coopers Plains Qld 4108

Closest Airport - Brisbane

Marion Cooper is an Australian Cat Federation (ACF International All-breeds Judge who began judging in 1983. She has judged extensively all over the world. Marion is also involved in training students in the preparation and care of cats, both as pets and for show.

Marion began breeding and showing Persians in 1979. She has successfully bred many Best in Show Persian and Exotic exhibits in Australia and New Zealand under the "Glevum" prefix, including a Kitten of the Year. She has also successfully shown a Black Smoke Persian to Cat of the Year. She previously bred Abyssinians.

Currently she is breeding Persians and Exotics in solid, tabby, silver tabby and smoke with the emphasis on chocolate and lilac.

Marion is a member of the Feline Control Council of Queensland Inc. (FCCQ) Management Committee, President of the FCCQ Judges Guild, and one of FCCQ's tutor judges. She has also previously been an all-breeds Registrar.

Marion has designed and been webmaster for several CCCA and ACF Councils, as well as a number of cat clubs and catteries. She enjoys building web pages with the aim of making them interesting, informative, fast-loading and fun.

She is an active member of the Siamese and Shorthair Cat Club of Queensland Inc. and is interested in all things to do with cats.

Jo Dennington

Jo Dennington - FCCQ Group 4 Companion Judge

Email: jo@reshkycats.com
Ph: 0438614913

Closest Airport - Gold Coast

Jo has always had a love for cats. In the year 2000 Jo started showing Siamese and Orientals in Northern NSW, and went on to breed Siamese and Orientals for some years. In 2006 Jo became the proud owner of a desexed British Shorthair and began to breed British Shorthairs a short time after. Jo moved to Queensland in 2011 and has been involved with the Queensland cat fancy since moving. Jo is the current President of the British Shorthair and Feline Friends.

In 2014 Jo imported her first American Shorthair and is continuing to bred British and American Shorthairs and more recently Scottish Folds.

Karen Evans - FCCQ Companion

Phone: 0438 620 974
Address: P.O Box 3313,
Norman Park. 4170

Closest Airport - Brisbane

I grew up with a large family and pets and have been working in an office for most of my life. I got involved with cat rescue in the early 1990's and then move on to join a Cat Club and learn to run cat shows and then became a Group 4 Judge (Companion Judge).

I had my daughter Meena in 1996 and only worked part time from then with children with disabilities, I have also been on my daughters school P & C as Secretary for many years. At home I have a mix bag of furry kids, 5 cats and my special little dog Mocky (Portuguese Podengo).

Anne Harvey

Anne Harvey - ACF Inc. and FCCQ Inc. Allbreeds

Email: cooncerto@gmail.com
Mobile: 0438 581 208
Address: PO Box 312,

Closest Airport - Brisbane

Anne qualified as a Group 1 judge with FCCQ in 2009. She began her judges training in Groups 2 and 3 in late 2009, and was licensed as an open Group 2 judge with FCCQ in 2011. She completed her shorthair training and became an approved Allbreeds Judge in 2012.

Cats have always been part of Anne's family; however it was not until 1999 that she discovered the cat fancy. Beginning in the year 2000, Anne began breeding and showing Maine Coons. She was one of the first to introduce the breed to Queensland, and among the first handful of Maine Coon breeders in Australia at that time. Anne concentrates on health, temperament and quality in her small breeding programme which has produced some successful show winners and Cat of the Year winners during that time, but more importantly has produced healthy well-balanced kittens who bring joy to their families.

Anne is committed to supporting and promoting the cat fancy, and has held a number of executive positions in cat clubs. She is currently the Secretary of the Siamese and Shorthair Cat Club of Qld Inc, and Secretary of the FCCQ Judges Guild. She assists with, and manages cat shows, and is an active member of the Feline Control Council of Queensland Inc.

Outside the world of cats, Anne works as a Senior Engineering Technician with a large international Engineering Consultant. She also enjoys reading and travel. Anne lives in Hervey Bay, a few hours' drive north of Brisbane, but uses Brisbane as her base for judging and showing.


Ian Honour - FCCQ Inc. and ACF Inc. Group 1, 2 and 4 Judge

Email: i.honour@gmail.com
Address: 25A Broadhurst Street

Closest Airport - Brisbane

Ian has owned and loved Orientals since marrying Bernadette Roberts in January 1985 and they have bred together under the "Byanda" prefix from 1990. Ian and Bernadette have also been enchanted by, and bred, Turkish Vans since 1990, when GDGC Vanstar Willow Wisp of Vanwillow entered their lives and introduced them to the unique characteristics and playfulness of this breed.

Ian is an experienced Group Two Judge and, since 2008; also a Group One Judge. He has been a member of numerous cat-related committees and the co-breeder and co-owner of many Cats of the Year, in both the Oriental and Turkish Van breeds.

Ian has many years experience as a CPA accountant and is a previous Treasurer of the Siamese and Shorthair Cat Club of Queensland Inc. and a past treasurer the Feline Control Council of Queensland Inc.
He is committed to cat welfare and care of all pets, especially companion cats. He was adopted by a cream and white mackerel tabby "gentleman" who arrived at "Byanda/Vanwillow" nine years ago and decided to take up residence. Ian thoroughly enjoys judging Group 4 exhibits whenever he has the opportunity.

Janet Hunt Silby - FCCQ Group 4 Companion Judge

Email: sphynxstar@bigpond.com
PO Box 800
Park Ridge
Qld 4125
Ph 0418614922

Closest airport Brisbane

Janet's love of cats started in the 1970's when her family started breeding and showing firstly Persians and then Siamese with the New Zealand Cat Fancy. She soon had her own Siamese which she showed as a junior handler, before owning both Devon Rex. Her family then started breeding sphynx in the 1990's, with her mother and sister registered breeders in New Zealand.

In 1998 Janet moved to Australia from living in Europe and Asia and owned several Cornish Rex before she became the proud owner of her first sphynx in 2007, soon after becoming a registered breeder of Sphynx under the prefix of Sphynxstar along with her husband.


Isobel Johnstone - FCCQ Inc & ACF Inc. International All Breeds

Email: johnstonei@optusnet.com.au
Ph: 07 3870 8833
Mobile: 0412 770 595
Address: 158 Highland Terrace
St Lucia Qld 4067

Closest Airport - Brisbane

Dr Isobel Johnstone has had a lifetime career as a Veterinary Scientist at The University of Queensland (UQ) and is a former Director of UQ's Companion Animal Clinic.

Isobel has bred Abyssinians since 1976 and, although she no longer breeds Abys, they of course still share her home. She has vetted at cat shows for 20 years.

Isobel joined the Siamese and Shorthair Cat Club of Queensland in 1976 and is now a life member. She has been that club's Secretary and Treasurer. Needless to say, she is also an experienced show manager. In addition to being a long-serving senior judge, Isobel has held positions over the years as a tutor judge; been Chairperson of Judges Associations; and has been a delegate to, and on, committees of various cat organisations.

Isobel became a Group Three Judge in 1983; a Group Two Judge in 1987 and an All-breeds Judge in 1997.

Jenni McKernan - FCCQ Allbreeds, ACF Groups: 2 & 3

Email: alarveshounds@gmail.com

Ph: 0408 151 303
Address: PO Box 33
Dayboro QLD Q4521

Closest Airport - Brisbane

Jenni's obsession with cats started at a very early age and this passion has continued throughout her life. She has always been owned by several cats and has bred and shown Abyssinians since 1989 under the "Asmara" prefix. She successfully bred many Best in Show Abyssinians, specialising in dilutes and she bred Abyssinian of the Year in 2000, 2005, 2006 and 2009. More recently, Jenni has also bred and shown Ocicats, using "Asmara OCI" for naming her Ocicat progeny. Asmara Ocicats have also gained Best in Show and COY awards.

Jenni is a Feline Control Council of Queensland Inc All Breeds Judge. She completed steward training in 2003 and continues to enjoy that role as it allows her to handle many different breeds and to continue to learn from all the judges with whom she works. She is also an experienced show manager who likes the challenges associated with running a successful cat show. Jenni began her judge's training in 2006, became a Companion judge in 2007 and was licenced as an Open Group 2 judge in 2011. She extended her licence to include Group 3 and became an Open Shorthair judge in 2013. Jenni completed Longhair training in 2016 and is now an All Breeds Open judge.

Jenni is currently the Vice President of Feline Control Council of Qld Inc. and an active member of the Siamese and Shorthair Cat Club of Queensland Inc. and the Classy Cats Cat Club Inc. She has a special interest in feline behaviour, genetics, and health and welfare issues.

Jenni has been a qualified veterinary surgical nurse for over 25 years and, while still enjoying that role on a part-time basis, now manages the Queensland operation of a national veterinary products distribution company.

Belinda Penglis

Belinda Penglis - FCCQ Inc & ACF Inc. International All Breeds

Email: belinda.penglis@bigpond.com
Ph: 07 3390 4417
Mobile: 0408 455 808
Address: 138 Stanbrough Road
GUMDALE Qld 4417

Closest Airport - Brisbane

Belinda has successfully bred and shown Siamese and Orientals under the "Serendippidee " and "Diamante "prefixes since 1975, producing several Cat, Kitten and Neuter of the Year winners. She began Judging Group 2 in 1987, extending to Group 3 in 2006, and gained her All Breeds Licence in 2008. She still gets an enormous buzz out of watching kittens grow and her philosophy has always been to breed well-balanced, healthy, happy kittens for people who love the Siamese and Oriental breed.

Away from cats, Belinda has a Ph.D. in Parasitology and is a Senior Veterinary Pathology Scientist. She also teaches Contemporary and Classical Ballet to professional level, and is a Mentor as well as a Practical Teaching Supervisor for the Royal Academy of Dance (London).

She has been an active member of Siamese and Shorthair Cat Club of Queensland since 1975 and is now a Life Member and Shorthair Tutor for FCCQ Inc.


Bernadette Roberts - FCCQ Inc. and ACF Inc. Groups 1, 2 and 4 Judge

Email: bjr@gil.com.au
Address: 25A Broadhurst Street

Closest Airport - Brisbane

Bernadette Roberts is the retired CEO of a Queensland statutory authority and had an uninterrupted, lengthy and outstanding career in the education sector. She is a Fellow of the Australian College of Educators and was recently honoured with a 25-year service award.

Together with her spouse, Ian Honour, Bernadette has bred and exhibited numerous cats of the year in the Turkish Van, Oriental, and Siamese breeds. In particular, ACF Nat. Pr., ACF AoE Diamond, CFCCQ Platinum DGC, QICC Argyle DGC, FCCQ Ruby DGC Byanda Ricardo Carlos Manoso (known as Ranger; thank you Janet Evanovich) was the Best All-Breed Alter at the 2011 ACF National Show held in Brisbane, following selection by a panel of international judges from Austria, Japan, the United States, and South Africa. In 2012, Ranger has yet again produced outstanding, and rarely-seen, results on the show bench.

In the Turkish Van arena, PDGC Vanwillow Wonder Woman won the first ACF AoE on the mainland and was the first CCCA Champion Turkish Van. Vanwillow Warrigal Wonder (known as Gordon) was a brilliant show cat for three years as an entire male, including winning Group One Cat of the Year in 2007. Likewise, the unforgettable silver spotted Oriental, Byanda Tail of the Century (known as Olivia), was a multiple cat of the year winner over several years and entranced all those who knew her.

Bernadette has organised, and presented at, many successful seminars on secondary education, tertiary entrance, competency-based learning, community-based learning, recognition of prior learning and multiple transition pathways, as well as feline matters, over the last 35 years. She is author and/or editor of some 40 publications and is regarded by her peers as an outstanding writer and a pedantic editor. She is the current co-editor of the Australian Cat Federation (ACF) Yearbook for 2012 and 2013 and is playing a significant role in drafting the text for, and editing the content of, the forthcoming, revised ACF website.

Jocene Vallack

Jocene Vallack - FCCQ Inc. Shorthair Judge

Email: jocene@bigpond.com
Mobile: 0429 681 102
2/120 The Strand
North Ward (Townsville) 4810

Closest Airport - Townsville

Dr Jocene Vallack works in Education at James Cook University, and has been breeding cats since 1998. Initially a Siamese and Oriental breeder, she raised Foreign Whites and Black Orientals, and later progressed to Silver Classic Orientals. She became interested in Sphynx cats about ten years ago, and as a result of working in collaboration with other breeders, her Alchemy Sphynx Cats have pure lines, imported from Russia, UK and New Zealand.

She began her judge's training and examinations in Victoria in 2011 with the FCCV, and later, after moving to Queensland for work, she was invited to complete her Shorthair training through the FCCQ. She remains indebted to each of these affiliations for their expertise and mentoring. She now resides in Townsville, where her seven cats enjoy their shady enclosures in the tropical climate.

FCCQ Honorary Judge

Penny Bydlinski - FIFe Cat I,Cat II & Cat III - FCCQ Group 2

Email: penny@penbyd.com

Closest Airport - Coolangatta

Penny Bydlinski was brought up in the United Kingdom with cats of one sort or another but bought her first Burmese in Canada in the 1960s. She bred Burmese under her prefix of Penric from 1969 to 2007. She has also bred Persians and, together with her partner Roger, Abyssinians under the prefix Rydene. Although Burmese will always be her first love, Abyssinians run a close second; it is a breed about which she feels very strongly.

She qualified as a FIFe judge for shorthairs in 1981 and later for both the Longhair and Semi-longhair categories. She was on the FIFe board from 1993 until her retirement in 2005, having been General Secretary for 10 years. Penny has judged extensively all over Europe, South America, Indonesia and Malaysia, as well as in Australia and New Zealand.

She was Chair of the first FIFe member in the UK and actively involved in its successor, serving on both the Show and the Judges Commission as well as being Chair, until her retirement in 1975, of the Garden of England Cat Club that she founded in 1991.

Penny is now semi-retired and living high in the hinterland of the Gold Coast in Queensland. She is still Secretary of the World Cat Congress, a post she has occupied since 1995 and which she enjoys very much as it gives an opportunity for meeting and exchanging ideas with people from other organisations around the world.

She now has more time to enjoy her hobbies of books, embroidery, theatre and gardening in the very beautiful surroundings where she lives with the company of her three cats, a black Exotic neuter, a brown Burmese neuter and, of course, an Abby neuter.

In 2011, FCCQ invited Penny to become its first Honorary Judge and the Council was delighted when she accepted. Penny was presented with her FCCQ Honorary Judge badge at the October 2011 show and will be invited to judge on a regular basis.