Cat of the Year 2018

Cat of the Year 2018 scoring awards points as follows 1st=100 points, 2nd=75 points, 3rd=50 points

PLEASE NOTE: If an exhibitor notices any discrepancy between the points listed and those awarded to their exhibit, please email the Secretary so the count can be investigated and altered if required.

This system will also be used for Prefix of the year.

Cat/Kitten of the Year - In the event of a tie, the exhibit with the greatest number of BIS awards will be awarded the COY title.

Points shown are up to 18 February 2018

Exhibit's NameExhibitorBreedPoints
Chaynikoty Lotus Flower Siberian P Kettle 100
Fidelis Asgard Maine Coon T Lamb 100
Stenmah Kahlua On Ice Birman L Debrincat 100
Wroxton Phantom Ragdoll J & R Clarke 100
Coonmagic Macgyver Maine Coon T Lamb 75
Glevum Silver Dollar Exotic Shorthair M Cooper 75
Jandindi Silver Grace Persian S Smith 75
Prideshill KC Dinara Siberian B Gallagher 50
Osiris (V) Remember Me Abyssinian L Field 200
Nibbel Annie Oakley Tonkinese G & L Butzbach 125
Abysrok Myrcella Abyssinian C Mangin 100
Elygrad Prince of Diamonds Foreign White C Pryke 100
Kyapark Jarlaxle The Dark Elf Devon Rex A Mann 75
Salvador Sorcha Scottish Longhair J Coles & J Dennington 75